Frequently Asked Questions

The best place for storing maple syrup is in the freezer.  If maple syrup is of the proper sugar density of 66 Brix it will NOT freeze.  After opening a container of maple syrup it can be put in the refrigerator.  Keeping syrup frozen or refrigerated will prevent mould from forming.  If however, syrup is left unrefrigerated and a small amount of mould does occur, don't worry.  It is not harmful.  Remove the mould and reheat the syrup, then refrigerate.

It generally takes about 40 Litres of maple sap to make one Litre of maple syrup.  This will vary because the sugar content of sap changes over the season and differs between species of maple trees.

Sap typically has a sugar content of 2.5 - 3.0%. 

The sugar maple is one of 148 maple species that are found in the Northern Hemisphere.  The trees with the best sap for making maple syrup are hard maples such as Sugar, Black or Red maple trees.

Cold nights (-5 Celsius) and warm sunny days (+5 Celsius) are ideal conditions for good sap runs. Changes in weather systems that bring barometric pressure changes also cause sap to flow.