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The 2024 Season has Started (early)

It's been a very busy "off-season" preparing for the 2024 season and it's now here.

It might be earlier than expected but fortunately, we were ready just in time and are now making syrup.

Contact us for your syrup orders or if you would like to come visit the sugar bush at Elphin.

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Traditionally Made

We produce small batches using sustainable practices that combine traditional methods with modern food-safe equipment to produce the highest quality syrup.

Our syrup is cooked using a high-efficiency wood burning evaporator.

Maple syrup is 100% pure and natural.  There are no chemicals, herbicides, additives or preservatives used.

Making Maple Syrup

Healthy & Nutritious

Maple syrup is 100% pure, natural and is packed with nutritional value.

The carbohydrates in maple syrup are a natural endurance booster and maple syrup is also an excellent source of manganese and zinc which may help support healthy bones & muscles.

Maple syrup is an excellent substitute for sugar in cooking and baking.

Maple Recipes

Locally Produced

Our family run maple sugar operation takes pride in producing high quality syrup from our 100 acre bush located near Elphin Ontario in Lanark County.

Our operation began in 2010 and has expanded every year.  We are currently building a new larger sugar house for 2021.

Our syrup is available for online purchasing, local pickup and local distributors.

Our Story

Maple Syrup, Traditionally Made in Small Batches using a Wood-Fired Evaporator

Our Sugar Bush

Our sugar bush is located in Lanark County at 1080 Concession Rd 3, Elphin, ON. It is an off-grid operation running on a combination of solar and generator power. We welcome visitors during the season. If you are interested in dropping by, please call ahead at (613) 489-0011.

We combine traditional processes with modern technologies such as digitally controlled values, reverse osmosis and a filter press to produce high quality syrup with a full rich maple taste.

We are active members in the Lanark & District Chapter of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association.

Storing Maple Syrup

There are no additives or preservatives in pure Maple Syrup.

We recommend storing syrup in the freezer and keeping it refrigerated after opening.

Thaw frozen maple syrup and gently shake to mix before using.  Re-freezing and re-thawing are not harmful.

Local pick is available from our home at 6367 McCordick Road or from one of the following distributors:

North Gower Rideau Pines Farms
North Gower The Old Co-op
North Gower Thomas Tree Farm
North Gower Root 6 Hair Studio
South Mountain Mountain Orchard



6367 McCordick Road
North Gower, Ontario

(613) 489-0011

Contact us to arrange pick-up.

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1080 Sherbrooke Concession Rd 3
Elphin, Ontario

Open During Season

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